How To Build Your Own Dumpster Pool


How To Build Your Own Dumpster Pool

Just in time for summer, Palladium presents a short film and guide on ‘How to Build Your Own Dumpster Pool’. Having strapped on our boots for urban explorations in London, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles, this time we've found a dumpster, scoured L.A. for the perfect location and created a ‘pop up’ pool for summer fun. Hosted by actress Odette Annable (Cloverfield, Breaking In), the film shows how to prepare an industrial dumpster for swimming and splashing. Also starring in the project are Palladium’s new LITE boots, the perfect boot for summer due to their extreme lightweight (under 10oz) and moisture wicking linings. Click the image below to download a PDF on how to create your own dumpster pool.

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