Last Night's Party

Judging from a recent article in Britain's Guardian newspaper, clubs are big business in Berlin. But aside from smoky crowd shots and DJ press photos, there is precious little imagery to explain what these places really look and feel like, particularly when they aren't awash in lasers and bass.

Luckily, two students from the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts have shot a series of photos that pull back the curtain, exposing the spaces that enjoy underground devotion and the clubs big enough to influence the budgets of cities that house them. Visual News has presented a sampling of images from spots like the legendary Cocoon in Frankfurt as well as smaller afterhours spots in Berlin and beyond. Sterile and spotless, or grimy and littered with the wreckage of long nights, these images are pretty fascinating.

Cocoon (Frankfurt)

Rechenzentrum (Berlin)

Golden Gate (Berlin)

Categories: urban exploration

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